Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elevator Floozie

No good shows to kick this thing off, so I will start off with an original true life CHristory story.

Today as our group got into the elevator to go to lunch, we had no idea we would meet the "elevator floozie". As the door shut, 8 dudes were in that box with a seemingly nice business lady, probably in her 50's, from the office next door. Until she said "oh yes look at me the only girl in here with all these boys!". We automatically informed her that the youngest of us was standing next to her and she jumped on him like a lion on a gazelle.

She asked if he was legal and if she could break him in. My laughter was still stifled until she told him she "doesn't bite hard... At first". When he started to blush the elevator door opened and we were free of the cougar. I noticed her Grateful Dead tattoos by her ankles as we left the elevator and thought "that crazy old hippie broad is someones mom".

I would call this show Elevator Floozie: The Greatest Generation.

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